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  1. 2008.06.16 The person who changed my life. (2)
  2. 2008.04.08 <Love You> by Sweet Sorrow
posted by 희정냥★ 2008. 6. 16. 17:19
아래는 제가 '실용영작문'이라는 교양 과목 시간에 제출했던 assignment 입니다.

Topic은 "The person who changed my life." 이고,

2줄간격으로, 2단락으로 나눠서, A4용지 한 바닥 분량만큼 쓰는 것이였습니다.

사실 별로 좋은 점수는 못받았어요.. ^-^;;;;

혹시 괜찮으시다면 조언해주시면 감사하겠습니다... ^-^;;;

Assignment 2. The person who changed my life.

My Senior

My life has been filled with many special people, but among all of them, my senior has been the most unique person in my life. When I was a freshman, I studied very hard. I attended many classes, study groups, and seminars, so I knew many seniors. I was especially interested in computers. I wanted to work on many computer projects. One of the my seniors said, "Work hard and challenge for a Samsung Software Membership!" He is a member of Samsung Software Membership, and I wanted to be part of that, too. This is a group of people who have good computer skills. I wanted to join this group, but it's very hard to pass the interview. I was worried and nervous. Above all, I didn't have confidence, but he encouraged me. He said, "You can do it!" He explained where to begin and how to prepare. He bolstered my courage.  So I challenged Samsung Software Membership after 1 year, and I passed. I was very happy.

When I met him in the Samsung Software Membership building, he said, "Work hard and challenge the Samsung Project!" The people who do Samsung Projects get not only good experience but also a lot of money. If someone wants to do Samsung Project, they must have outstanding abilities. Those cases are rare. I really wanted to do a Samsung Project, so I made every effort to achieve this. Finally, I took care of a Samsung Project. My continuous efforts resulted in a good success. He patted me on the back. Now I am taking care of a second Samsung Project. Thanks to his words of encouragement, I got everything I wanted.

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The person who changed my life.  (2) 2008.06.16
<Love You> by Sweet Sorrow  (0) 2008.04.08

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  1. BlogIcon 몽구스 2008.07.26 15:55  Addr  Edit/Del  Reply

    잘 읽었습니다. ^^ 조언이라기 보다는 제 생각을 말씀 드리자면, 그 분으로 인해서 어떤 영향을 받았고, 삶이 어떻게 바꼈는지 구체적으로 서술 되었더라면 더 좋았을것 같아요. 그리고 그 사건에 대해서도 좀 더 임팩트한 묘사가 있었으면(전국의 날고 긴다는 수재들도 수두룩하게 탈락한다든지.. ㅋ) 좀 더 읽는 재미가 있지 않을까 하는 생각이 드네요.

    근데 20대의 나이에 삶을 바꿨다고 할 만한 사건이나 인물이 있는 사람이 몇이나 될지... ㅎ 차라리 롤모델에 대해서 쓰라고 했으면 좀 더 재밌는 글이 나왔을것 같네요.

posted by 희정냥★ 2008. 4. 8. 06:05

<Love You> by Sweet Sorrow                 
                                           English lyrics by Jake Lee(이근철)

GMP April 6 (43:50)

The sweetest word for me in this world
The most refreshing word in my world
Makes me happy and it saves me
Love you, Really love you

(Really) The least expected word from my heart
The most cherished word to impart
Makes me sigh and makes me cry
Love you, I love you

I've always wanted to
but I've always avoided it too
but my heart tells me
my heart makes me say
what I really mean is

I say
Love you, I love you, I love you
The most valuable thing for me
I know It's something I forget to say when I'm(~when I'm) with you

Love you, I love you, I love you
The most precious thing for me
Please stay the way you are
You're my star
You're my real hearty heart

갑자기 왠 영어냐고요...^^?
이건 제가 요즘 완전 푹~ 빠져서 언제나 듣고 다니는 굿모닝팝스에 나온 가사입니다... ㅎㅎ

한달에 한번씩 한국 가요의 가사를 영어로 바꿔서 불러보는데요,
이 노래는 Sweet Sorrow의 '사랑해'라는 노래의 가사를 영어로 바꾼 거에요.. ㅎㅎ
4월 6일 방송했었고, 노래는 43분 50초부터 들으실 수 있습니다.

저는 사실 가요에 별 관심이 없어서,, 이 방송에서 처음 들어봤는데,, 노래 정말 좋네요.. ㅎㅎ
가사도 좋고~ 멜로디도 좋고~ 완전 반했어요... >.<;;

한국어 가사와 함께 !

> 원곡 동영상 <

그리고, 한가지 더!
4월 6일 방송에서 Sweet Sorrow가 나오기 전까지 이근철 선생님 혼자서 진행하시는데
정말 웃깁니다.. (이런걸 원맨쇼라고 하나요...^^?)
원래는 John 선생님(원어민 선생님)과 함께 진행하시는데,
아프신 관계로 몇일간 나오시지 못했거든요~
들으면서 계속 키득키득 웃고다녔어요.. ㅋㅋ

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The person who changed my life.  (2) 2008.06.16
<Love You> by Sweet Sorrow  (0) 2008.04.08

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