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Five-second rule

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The five-second rule is a popular old wives' tale, and common rule among many people today, regarding the eating of food that has been dropped on the ground. In many areas it is known as the three-second rule, seven-second rule, eight-second rule, or ten-second rule.



[edit] Overview

The rule applies to foods that have fallen to the ground. Normally, customary rules of hygiene dictate that food that has fallen to the ground should be discarded, in order to prevent ingestion of disease-causing agents acquired from the dirty surface. The rule states that if the food is picked up within five seconds, it can still be eaten.

In reality, it is usually safe to eat food from a relatively clean floor (see "Research" below). However, the notion that germs from a dirty floor will not reach food for at least five seconds is false. For this purpose, cleanliness is a matter of bacterial or parasitic contamination rather than visible dirt, although the two often go together. For example, sick people attend hospitals, with the result that a hospital floor which has not been decontaminated properly can appear to be relatively clean, while actually being more contaminated than the dirty street outside.

[edit] Research

A study in 2007 using salmonella on wood, tiles and nylon carpet found that the bacteria were still thriving after twenty-eight days of exposure under dry conditions. Tested after eight hours' exposure, the bacteria could still contaminate bread and bologna in under five seconds, but a minute-long contact increased contamination about tenfold (with tile and carpet surfaces only).[1]

The five-second rule was also featured in an episode of the Discovery Channel series MythBusters. The results they got showed time was not a factor when food is exposed to bacteria; even two seconds' exposure is more than enough time to contaminate it.

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